Whole hot-galvanized, steel, bearing-structure. Pipe winding drive operated by centrifuge. Winding speed is regulated by six speed reducer. Automatic disengangement when pipe winding is over and power take off for quick winding. Four wheels sprinkler-trolley  with adjustable track. Possibility of locating the machine on 360 through rotating plate. Hydraulic or mechanical pistons to locate the machine. Scale for the automatic lifting of the trolley to working stroke. Far reaching irrigation. Anti-accidents protection according to the law. Suitable for the irrigation with low-pressures too; it is available both mechanic and hydraulic model. Raingum booms can be used for irrigation too.

- Hydraulic Machines mod. P1 - P2 - P3
- Mechanical Machines mod. P4 - P5 - P6 - P7
- Optional facilities
- Tecnical specification

Mobile irrigation machine